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  • The course fee is EUR 600 per student. This covers course material, coffees and lunches, but does not cover travel and accommodation.
  • The course is limited to a maximum of 30 participants.


  1. Interest and basic knowledge in one of the Earth and Environmental Sciences and environmental systems modelling (including but not limited to Surface hydrology, subsurface hydrology, Eco hydrology, hydro-climatology, etc.)
  2. Good programming skills (e.g. ability to write scripts, use functions, loops)
  3. Good mathematical and statistical skills (e.g. able to carry out basic derivations, work with probabilities, statistical distributions)
  4. Participants are expected to bring their own laptops, with a programming language installed
  5. Course language will be English
  6. The course exercises will be developed mainly in Matlab, but the knowledge of some programming language is enough to follow the exercises: Excel, Matlab, R, or Phyton


  • Deadline for applications is April 8, 2019 but the course may be booked out earlier
  • Participants are expected to organize their own travel and health insurance


    1. Learn the principles and foundations (i.e. conceptual and technical) of IT for hydrological and earth science problems  from a mathematical and physical point of view (conceptual design and numerical implementation)
    2. Learn how IT can be used to evaluate models for hypothesis testing
    3. Learn about basic principles and methods of data compression
    4. Learn about process networks to characterize connectivity, feedback, and causality in hydrologic/earth systems, and how to implement them using various techniques. Gain an appreciation of state of the art on IT for hydrological and earth system sciences


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